How to open a door

Our profession is deal sourcing for corporate transactions. Without this part of the M&A process, no deal takes place. That is why this step also needs to be professionalized. We often see companies sending out pitches to students or juniors. Not very targeted and not very successful.

But what makes the difference?

Firstly, the mindset is important. We see ourselves as door openers and not as connectors. This is a fundamental difference, because in order to open the door at the target, you need the right key. And since corporate transactions are complex, there have to be several suitable keys.

Key 1 – The story
Why was the target approached and what fit do we see on behalf of our customer?

Key 2 – Competence
The first questions must be answered by us. We are the first face the target sees. We must be competent and have understood the business model of both sides.

Key 3 – Communication
The third key is the ability to communicate. Symapthies must be transferred so that the potential buyer has it easier in the further course. If the chemistry is right at the beginning and there is a good atmosphere, it will be a little easier later on.

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