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Buying a business is your goal?

Don´t know how to find your business?

Are you frustrated because targets don't want to negotiate with you?

…because you can´t answer the question “Why you?”
…because you think 100% sellers finance is a good idea?
…because you don´t have a story as a buyer?

Or do you simply not know how to find targets that suit you and cannot be found on the usual public listing portals?

Frustrated Person who did not find a business to buy

"Only 10% of buyers fail to meet the company price offered. 90% simply fail because of their own story and cannot answer the seller's question - why he should sell to them."

Andre Achtermeier

frustrated business buyer

90% of all M&A buy-side projects fail because of the acquisition story.

There are exactly 2 reasons why most business buyers can’t even make an offer. The lack of a purchase story and the lack of deal flow.

Just imagine..

…we create your perfect buyer story to answer the question of the seller “Why should I sell my business to you?”
…we do active deal sourcing for you and find targets that are not on the market.
…we bring you in front of sellers and help you to generate a steady deal flow.
…we connect you with experts of our network like lawyers, finance experts, growth experts, tax experts, COOs


"It's not about offering the highest price for a company. It's primarily about getting the chance to submit an offer."

My name is Andre Achtermeier and my passion is to help people to become an entrepreneur through acquisition. Acquire the business that matches your dream and grow it. Sustainable and long term.

I do M&A for living. Since 2008. With my own M&A boutique in Europe and in the USA. With a proven track record and own exits and purchases. I have a Deal Sourcing team in the USA. We find your target that is not on the market.

I prepare you for your first acquisition and I am on your side with only one goal: Your first closing of a deal.

It´s about YOU.

Don’t waste time and money in one of the many online communities. You and your project need a very individual structure. Not every deal is the same. Not every business buyer is the same.

"Remember... You're not the only one who wants to buy a business. So why should the seller sell to you?"

What we do for you?


Your Project

Apply for your project with us.
We only accept mandates that promise success.
$99 for your pitch “Why should we invest in your project.”


Your Targets

We work together on your buyer story, setup the search parameter, create your personal teaser and do a market research to approach targets that fits your needs.

hourly or monthly


Your Deal

We coordinate (video) calls with the decision maker of your targets and guide you through the process. You are not alone. Unless you close a deal. [optional]

1.5% to 2.5% success fee on closing a deal

We'll get you over the finish line

No hot air. No internet guru. No expensive online community. 1:1 exchange. We have a proven track record of supporting many deals and are happy to show you these in person. We have practice, not millions of followers.

Andre Achtermeier

Why you?
Why us?

With us, there are no standard phrases and cool motivational sayings. We are practitioners and know what it means to buy a company. We prevent you from making mistakes. Mistakes we have already made. We invest a lot of time, our team and therefore also our money in you and your success.
That’s why we only accept new mandates that have a genuine desire to acquire a company and where we can clearly see the prospects of success. We do not promise a deal with 100% seller finance and zero down payment. We deliver reality and real closings.

it´s about you


Empty promises. Expensive online courses. Experts without experience. And in the end, no deal in sight?!

The internet is teeming with gurus, consultants and coaches who are supposedly experts in M&A, business acquisitions and, of course, passive income. The goal is clear: to take money out of your pockets and generate reach.
That’s exactly why you come to us. We have experience with real deals. We have a proven track record of helping entrepreneurs with acquisitions. Our clients are global private equity firms, enterprises, wealthy private investors and European SMEs. That’s why we choose our mandates carefully. We want success. On both sides. With a fair fee structure.

Some of our references

BA Growth

eightM Corporation
111 Congress Ave, STE 500
Austin, TX 78701
United States

+1 (512) 222 4653


1:1 Advisory. We prepare your story, your teaser, scan the market, define the search criteria, search and approach targets, coordinate intro calls, moderate the calls and – we can lead the complete M&A project.

Our time is valuable. We only want to talk about serious projects.

$99 for a discovery/pitch call
$200/ hour or monthly packages from $2,000 to $4,000 and optional 

Complete Buy-Side project:

  1. Refundable Engagement Fee of USD 6,000. We need some skin in the game.
  2. Engagement Fee will be refunded by 100% from the success fee.
  3. Engagement Fee will be refunded by 100% if we cannot deliver a business for you within 12 month after signing the agreement.
  4. Success Fee on closing a deal: 2.5% of Transaction Volume less than USD 10M; 1.5% of Transaction Volume larger than USD 10M.

We guarantee calls with targets. Deals are depending on you, your financials and your skills. But you are not alone. We are at your side.

No. All our calls with you are valuable and full of knowledge.

No. Once accepted as new client, you can book by hour whenever you need us or you book a package on a monthly rate. You can skip every time.

We are leader in M&A buy-side transactions and not in operating and growing a business. But we will connect you within our network to an expert with proven track record.

We can handle 5 clients at the same time. Our M&A advisory team is busy with our Private Equity and Corporate clients and we want your project to get 100% attention in any case. That´s why we limit new, first time buyer.

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