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The real work begins after Deal Sourcing. We work with you to develop a suitable strategy and manage the M&A project. From the exchange of NDAs to the preparation of an indicative, non-binding offer, from the preparation of an LOI to due diligence support. You can count on us. If you wish, we can put our network of experienced M&A lawyers and tax advisors at your disposal. We will not leave you alone and will help you to grow quickly and sustainably.

Eight Eight
Austin Texas

Buy & Build strategies

eightM is the expert in hyper-growth through buy and build strategies. Our typical buy & build client is a technology company whose organic growth has stalled. We help these clients to quickly and significantly increase their market share. This means peace of mind for the client as they move forward.

Hypergrowth Experts

We are your external M&A department

We are the M&A consultancy with a difference. We want our clients to grow. Quickly. Profitably. Cost effectively. That is what we are here for. We offer unique growth strategies through successful buy and build concepts.

We are not brokers hoping for a lucky strike. We deliver.

We provide you with an entire M&A team, industry specialists and experienced entrepreneurs. We relieve you of the need to build expensive internal resources. But above all, we give you one thing: Targets with which you can grow inorganically, quickly.

We deliver the magic

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