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Our Deal Sourcing team in the United States is highly specialized and experienced. We deliver monthly investment opportunities to grow your portfolio. We specialize in small and mid-sized companies. We find companies that are not yet on the market for purchase. We work closely with you. Even exclusively, if you wish.

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Target Scouting

With our analysts and researchers, we ensure optimal, suitable targets for your growth. After determining the purchase parameters and a briefing, we get started. We fill your deal pipeline and establish contacts to owners who want to sell parts or their entire company. Our job can end with the handover of the qualified contact – but it doesn’t have to. If you want, we can take over all the tasks of an M&A department for you. This saves time and costs. Find here some of our projects from the past.

  1. Briefing & Buy-Side Parameter
  2. Analyze & Research
  3. Addresses & Acquisitions
  4. Handover of contact with the NDA exchange
  5. Complete M&A Management? No Problem

What is Deal Sourcing?

Deal Sourcing is the repetitive delivery of investment opportunities. Financial investors such as private equity firms or strategic investors with a buy & build or M&A strategy need a steady flow of deals to grow their portfolio or operating unit. With active deal sourcing, growth is not left to chance. With deal sourcing, hypergrowth is possible.

Our Deal Sourcing Process

1 Agreement

The foundation of our Deal Sourcing is a signed agreement. We prioritize customers with retainers followed by the amount of the agreed success fee (typically between 5%-2% of the transaction volume).

2 Briefing

We want to understand the strategic approach of our customers and discuss the added value that a sale to our customer brings to the target.

3 Research

We scan the market with the agreed search parameters. In doing so, we use databases (internal & external), our growing network and personal contacts with entrepreneurs. The result is a long list with valid targets.

4 Filter Calls / Scouting

We supply high quality targets. That is why we first talk to the target alone and validate the framework parameters in a personal and confidential conversation. Directly with the decision maker.

5 Management Calls / Process

If everything fits, we create a teaser with all the information for the customer and arrange a management call with the target that we moderate. We also accompany the process and perform coordinating activities.

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