Together we create value

Together we are stronger. Together we offer our customers know-how and growth opportunities. We are team players and open our M&A eco system to selected partners who are strong personalities.

Our partners can count on us. Our sales team constantly provides partners with new projects, so that our partners can focus on their core business.

The possibility to focus ensures a high quality of consulting for our clients.

8M Partner Program

eightM Partner Program

Independant associate partnership

What is the role of a partner?

As a Partner, you will be responsible for deal sourcing for our clients. You conduct market analyses, identify interesting companies and talk to entrepreneurs. The deal is in your hands. You are the “middleware” of our/your clients and the targets. You take care about the M&A buy-side process. That includes document exchange, timelines, moderation of management calls. You build a network of entrepreneurs that are planning to exit in the future.

How much can I earn as a partner?

Of course, it depends on how much time and energy you devote to the partnership. Our business is highly success-dependent. But that also means that if you focus here, the earning potential is extraordinarily high.
Please note that we offer a partnership that you bring to life as an independent entrepreneur. We do not pay a monthly income.

How can i become a partner?

Our partners are handpicked and selected personalities. To become a partner, please feel free to contact us and send us some information about yourself. You should have M&A background and/or be an entrepreneur with consulting experience. Sales skills are a clear advantage. We get to know each other intensively and then decide together if a common path can be taken.

What costs do I have as a partner?

On our side you will have no costs. We do not want passive partners and only partners who want to grow actively with us. That’s why we make sure in a personal conversation that you as a partner can also fill the partnership with life. Let’s be clear: this is a partnership at eye level. You are independent and remain solely responsible for yourself. We don’t pay a monthly salary, but we help you to grow together with us. We will be happy to discuss this with you personally.

What are the advantages of being a partner?

You are not on your own and can access our complete M&A eco system. We do sales for you. Our sales team takes care of your deal flow through new projects. We take over all marketing costs for you and provide you with the complete IT infrastructure, databases and tools. Our M&A Advisory Team is always at your side with advice and support.

What future opportunities do I have as a partner?

As a successful partner, we offer you the opportunity to manage complete M&A mandates and to become a shareholder in one of our portfolio companies. Ideally, we will also discuss this in person.

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